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TEFELEN is an acronym for TEchnology For ELectrical ENergy. TEFELEN America is the first American company providing special low voltage and medium voltage cast resin insulated Busbar and Bus Pipe systems. Together with its strong partner Phoenix Mecano, an international stock-listed technology company, TEFELEN America is working to establish and strengthen the application of cast resin insulated Busbar and Bus Pipe systems throughout the American market.

TEFELEN America is also a member of the TEFELEN Group, which consists of TEFELEN America, TEFELEN Preissinger GmbH (Germany) and RTC-ELECTRO-M (Russia). Through our membership in the TEFELEN Group we will leverage the knowledge, competence and longstanding experience of our partner companies. As a group, we are the most powerful supplier of low and medium voltage cast resin Busbar and Bus Pipe systems worldwide.

Range of Electrical Applications

Type of Insulation Epoxy Resin Impregnated Paper Cast-Resin
Nominal voltage AC, kV Up to 36 Up to 24
Nominal current AC, A Up to 12,000 Up to 12,000
Nominal voltage DC, kV Up to 60 Up to 33
Nominal current DC, A Up to 14,000 Up to 18,000
Operating ambient temperature, C/F From -60 to +55C / -75 to +131F From -60 to +55C / -75 to +131F
Degree of protection Up to IP68 Up to IP68
High chemical resistance Yes Yes

Our resin insulated Busbar and Bus Pipe systems represent new and innovative solutions for low and medium voltage electrical power applications.Our goal is to build long term relationships with our customers based on outstanding quality and service. Toward that end, we have established our new production facility here in the USA.

In October 2018, we held our Grand Opening event in Frederick, MD. Our hard-working team at TEFELEN America is looking forward to working with you. We are excited to push TEchnology For ELectrical ENergy to new heights! If you were unable to attend the event, you may be interested in our photo gallery.