About Us


TEFELEN is the first American company providing special low voltage and medium voltage cast resin insulated Busbar systems. Together with its strong partner Phoenix Mecano, an international stock-listed technology company, TEFELEN is working to establish and strengthen the application of cast resin Busbar systems throughout the American market.

Being a member of TEFELEN Group we will use the knowledge, competence and longstanding experience of its partner companies. TEFELEN Group is pooling the capacity of TEFELEN, TEFELEN Preissinger GmbH (Germany) and RTC-ELECTRO-M (Russia) and is the most powerful supplier of low and medium voltage cast resin systems worldwide.

The product portfolio provides multiple advantages over cable systems:

  • Less space and weight
  • Less installation difficulties
  • Smaller bending radius
  • Guaranteed touch safe
  • Higher lifetime
  • Higher short circuit current withstand
  • Higher UV, fire and chemical resistance

Each of our products is built to the highest quality standards and is suitable for difficult environment conditions.

Our cast resin insulated Busbar systems represent a new and innovative solution for power solutions in the field of low and medium voltage.

To achieve our goal of a greater market position we want to build long term relationships with our customers based on outstanding quality and service.  To help with this we are designing and building our own new production facility here in the USA.

Our Core business at our new US based manufacturing facility:

  • We help you choose the optimal ISOBUS MR/ISOBUS TKL solution for your project.
  • We engineer the ISOBUS MR and ISOBUS TKL components & fixing systems.
  • We produce, test, deliver hardware and software.
  • We help with Supervision and training of our turn key installation of ISOBUS MR and ISOBUS TKL distribution systems.

TEFELEN provides customers the best solutions for cost-effective Busbar systems all over the world in the following areas of application: