At TEFELEN, our mission is to be the innovative and driving force that effectively elevates the technology of electrical energy to new heights. For over 20 years, CEO Philip Brown has been leading a team of American engineers, technicians, and staff to bring cost-effective and innovative electrical energy solutions for power plants, industrial manufacturing facilities, shipyards, maritime technologies, and more.

TEFELEN is the first American company to design and manufacture these systems, and together with our trusted partner Phoenix Mecano, we are proud to manufacture cutting-edge Busbar and Bus Pipe products – all while strengthening the application of these cast resin systems all across the globe.

We meticulously oversee the assembly and installation of all our equipment, and our team of engineers and project managers work tirelessly to maintain warranties on all distributed equipment. Check out our exciting new video and learn more about how we take the technology for electrical energy to new heights!