TEFELEN is pleased to announce that construction of our test laboratory is currently underway inside our Frederick, Maryland facility.

Comprehensive testing of our Bus Pipe/Busbar electrical distribution systems will start from inside this test lab and carry through our entire production process with other continuous quality testing procedures before the product can ever leave our facility.

The objective of testing Bus Pipe/Busbar electrical distribution systems during the manufacturing process is not just to provide confidence in the real-world performance of our systems; it is to guarantee the consistency in the outputs of the critical manufacturing processes, confirming that there are no defects that could possibly affect the products’ safety, performance, lifespan or operation.  This new test lab will serve as our facility’s specific location for delivering such an objective.

Our test equipment can provide up to 100 kV in order to test that each element performs as intended.  Our team of experts will use this test lab to perform routine tests on every single element of our Bus Pipe/Busbar electrical distribution systems verifying the performance results prior to being approved for release to the end user.   The following tests will be performed from within this test laboratory:

  • Dimensional check of the conductors
  • Dry power-frequency voltage withstand test
  • Measurement of partial discharge quantity
  • Measurement of dielectric dissipation factor (Tan Delta)
  • Measurement of capacitance at ambient temperature
  • Final visual inspection

Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!